Master the Art of Advanced Foiling E-book


Knowledge is power, and this Advanced E-BOOK is your manual key to assist you in becoming a creative, intuitive, master foiler. Deliver the highest standard of colour work within our industry. Create more colour with less foils by utilising these easy and effective techniques. Learn the benefits of weave size and depth, and the advantages of using a mixture of weaves in one foil.
  • Discover: The Mobile Pivot, Bricked Shimmer Foil + Flat Ribbon Foil.

  • Foil Like A Boss Advanced E-book is designed for Advanced colourists. So - are you ready to Foil Like A Boss?

  • This is an extension of the three QUE signature foil patterns that will allow you to be more creative and personalise your colou

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    Foil Like a Boss E-book

    • E-book Extended Foil Like A Boss

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