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You and your team will love this user friendly multidimensional hand painting technique, that can be used by all that will save you time on delivering the clients expectation. Curved section uses a highlight and a lowlight simultaneously through a full head radius or partial colour. Can be used as a stand alone technique or can be piggy backed with foils or a base colour to create variation. Hand Painting is designed for Beginner to Advanced colourists with two unique class options.
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Course Director

Monique McMahon

With over 20 years of industry experience, certified Master Colourist and QUE founder Monique McMahon has trained extensively in London (Vidal Sassoon), Paris (Jacques Dessanges, Christophe Robin) and LA (Tracey Cunningham) to hone her craft. • Owner + Director, QUE Colour - Sydney Australia • Educator/ Director, Q Academy • Wella Professional Educator • AHIA Finalist, 'Independent educator of the Year' and "All-round Master Colourist' Monique is recognised globally for her natural flair and implicit instinct for colour, innovation and technique. A committed, calm and passionate educator, she delivers education of the highest standard. Monique travels regularly to Paris and New York to develop new techniques, colour direction and trends to bring back to Q Academy and QUE Colour to stay at the forefront of creative and technical excellence.

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